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2021 done. A year that went fast and slow somehow but we made it folks. You deserve a drink or two for that! 


Well what a year (or two) it has been. We’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations. Adaptation has been the name of the game for our little company. No new releases in the last 2 years as we’ve had to navigate the new world of manufacturing, material, logistics and skills shortages. Wowsers! That said, we’re happy to report that we are hitting some semblance of normality for our business as we’re finally back in the realm of new product development (since May 2021) with a new product release scheduled for late February 2022. Super amp’d for this as it signifies another milestone in the company's 7 year history! 


On a more personal level 2021 has been a year without travel - for example Liely and I haven't seen each other since early 2020. Insane I know but we’ve managed (like many of you) using the incredible technology available. We know nothing beats in-person human interaction but the flexibility for both of us has been great. Life, family and friends always come first. 


2021 also brought the loss of our friend Brett Ferencz aka @scotchtrooper. We've covered a bit of our thoughts and our first ever special edition in an article here. There will be more coverage at the first year anniversary of his passing in February this year. 



Media wise we finally released the Gin glass film which was crafted by our mate Ben MacNamara. So much fun travelling (pre covid!) and meeting so many awesome characters to make this happen. In the video we tried our best to capture what Gin would visually look like. Check it out and let us know what you think!


2020/21 has also brought a focus on the local. Exploring the local area and going deeper on things we thought we knew well. What an eye opening experience! It’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard. We just never had the time before! I’m sure it was the same for some of y'all too. How cool. Local adventures, local food, local booze, local people. What a bright light just at the right time. Did we mention food?


Back to us and the company. Overall we’ve had a great year all things considered. More people are getting to know us, how we work and what we stand for. That’s largely due to you guys out there spreading the word. We simply cannot thank you enough. 





We’re looking forward to having a drink with many of you this year as travel restrictions ease and we can get back to some good ol’ fashioned human interaction and airplane food ;)! Much love D&L


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