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The Sailors Grave Brewery is a gem nestled in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. Founders Chris and Gab Moore embarked on a journey away from city life to embrace the natural beauty of the area, go back to family roots and create something truly unique.


Their ideology behind the brewery goes beyond crafting delicious beers. They aim to infuse their brews with the rich history and distinct landscape of the region, effectively creating a liquid representation of East Gippsland’s coast, forests, and the Aussie spirit. There's something also very genuine about this place and these people behind Sailors Grave. We can't quite put our finger on it but in the words of J Lo, the whole place is singing out "I'm reaaallll".


Chris and Gab Moore skillfully create a diverse lineup of beers that are truly innovative and local. Something we very much resonate with. Built upon their history as restauranters in Syndey (They founded the Commons) and a research tour of US breweries, they have a distinct knack for flavour. Never fearful to try something new has led to becoming one of the coolest breweries in Australasia. Add to this, the work of the Cornwall, England based illustrator Joe Lyward they found on Pinterest and you get a snippet of the resourceful energy floating about this place. 

The brewery site itself is situated in a 100 year old butter factory in the picturesque town of Orbost. Surrounded by lush forests and the nearby Snowy River, it offers a serene and inviting atmosphere for beer enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. We went for a walk ourselves down the Snowy river the brewery overlooks. Gorgeous. 


Now, let's talk about the star of the show – the beers. Sailors Grave Brewery offers a wide selection of brews, catering to a range of preferences but largely led by what Gab and Chris think is cool. From refreshing yuzu lagers perfect for a hot day to bold native infused ales that awaken the taste buds, to gose’ featuring abalone from Gab’s folks - there really is something for everyone.


What sets Sailors Grave apart is their dedication to incorporating local stories and legends into their beers. Take, for example, their "Down She Gose" – a salty, tangy brew paying homage to the shipwrecks along the coast. 


Sour beer aficionados are in for a luxe treat with Sailors Grave's Wild Strawberry cream sour inspired by a PNAU song. Lactose, Vanilla and Wild Strawberries picked in the area. These beers feature flavors that leave a lasting impression, a bit of thought ‘provokery’ whilst taking punters palettes other beer brands simply can’t.

The brewery doesn't stop at the ordinary; they're all about experimentation and pushing the boundaries. Their brews have featured ingredients like seaweed, wattleseed, and even squid ink, creating a truly unique drinking experience.


Beyond the great beer and creativity, Sailors Grave Brewery fosters a strong sense of community. It's a gathering place for locals and travelers alike, where laughter, stories, and a shared passion for quality beer create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Especially at the bar with a view round the back!


Sailors Grave Brewery is a special place that not only offers exceptional brews but also celebrates the beauty, history, and community of East Gippsland. So what of the future? Chris and Gab mention grand plans of moving the brewery to Gab's family farm in Marlo closer to the ocean they're so inspired by. Seems like the right spiritual move to us. Anyway, if you ever find yourself in the area and thirsty, be sure to pay them a visit and experience their liquid artistry firsthand. Cheers to Sailors Grave Brewery for having us in and sharing their wares especially in a certain beer glass ;)



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