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  • Bourbon Glass

    Batch #1

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Bourbon Glass

Batch #1

America's spirit finally enjoyed, right. Time to get your bourbon on. After an indepth research trip to Kentucky and Tennessee, Denver and Liely began the development of this dedicated whiskey glass. Designed to give you the southern experience. Smooth, sweet with a bolder body. Bourbon like the master distillers intended.   

$60.00 AUD


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  • How the bourbon glass works?

    Magic! Well, let's say well considered scientific magic. The shallow base brings your nose closer to the spirit surface. The opening to base proportion is less than that of the whisky glass providing a bolder body and smoother bourbon focused experience. Considering the corn majority mash bill of bourbon the larger opening enhances the sweeter nature without doing overly so. The opening also lends itself, in true southern style, to adding a chunk of quality ice.

    Each glass is hand blown in order to get to the specific dimensions required in titanium crytsal; this results in a level of quality unmatched by machine.

    Bourbon. Bolder. Better.

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  • How the design process works.

    Passion. If you’re not passionate about something, how can you really love it?

    All the products we have created come from our personal love for the area we are exploring. Over the last few years our passion has been in the area of craft spirits (what’s not to love), and this has been reflected in the range of glassware we have created.

    Observation. How are people currently using products in this area? What can be improved? How can we change people’s perceptions about a certain product or industry? We don’t just change something for the sake of it but look at how the product can offer genuine improvements to the status quo.

    Research. Research. More research. You don’t get true in-depth knowledge sitting in front of a computer screen. If we want to learn about an area or industry then we go to the source. If this means travelling to the other side of the world then OK, I guess that’s what we will have to do.

    Design. Ahhh ‘design’, what does that really mean? Well for us obviously there is a traditional ‘design’ process but if you have identified the problem you are trying to solve then really the design comes from function, and generally if you get the function right then the product ends up looking pretty good too.

    Testing. We love to build prototypes. It gives us an opportunity to test our theories. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong, but that’s the whole point, uncover what works and what doesn’t as early as possible.

    Production. Generally we love our ideas so much we want as many (in the know) people to experience them as possible. This means we need to find a manufacturing process that will give us an excellent quality product at a reasonable cost. Obviously we want it to look good but it also needs to be functional, fun, and hopefully provide you with a product that lasts a lifetime.

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