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  • Picks for Her

    Review April 30, 2020 By Denver Cramer

So you want to get your booze on with Mum or for Mum? Well, here at Denver and Liely we've compiled for you two essential categories to choose from. Gin - or Whisk(e)y - both with baller and budget options. Right this way...




Budget: Tanqueray. Yes the bog standard one. Not the No 10 or the Rangpur or any special edition. Buy this one. Its fine by itself, great to mix with and super duper value. It's the epitome of the London Dry Gin. Full Stop. 

Baller: Memo. A Melbourne Dry Gin. That's right Melbourne, Australia has a house style. We mean the finest espresso martini's regularly come out of there and the development of Gin in Australia, in particular Melbourne has a big role to play. See the big carft dogs in town - Four Pillars. This particular Gin includes cascara and navel oranges. "The end result is a perfectly balanced Melbourne Dry style gin.  Not overly complicated but instead sophisticated in its subtle finish of Juniper and Cascara sweetness."





Budget: Four Roses Bourbon. Yes again the bog standard one. It's good. Four Roses make plenty of more expensive fantastic smooth bourbons but it's nice to go back to the basic 80 proof bourbon holding the same DNA as it's big brothers. Great value too AND solid in whiskey cocktails. 

Baller: Glenrothes Whisky Makers Cut. Bit of a mouthful (pardon the pun), but one hell of whisky. Aged in first fill sherry casks, this thing is 100 proof Christmas in a bottle. It's sooo delicious. "Raisins and oranges. Plenty of toasted wood spices too: pepper, ginger, nutmeg, slightly overpowering perhaps including a slightly bitter edge. Roasted nuts and hints of gingerbread."




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