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2020 has been an eventful year to say the least. In Australia, we had some devastating bushfires. As a company that began in Australia, we felt the need to do something and so we did - with the help of many international friends namely; 

YourCreativeDads drinking bourbon, Ben McNamara, Nadia Hadrick, Bourbon Charity, Kustom Kommune, Scotch Whisky Auctions, Paul Bentley, Chumel Torres, Nick Reid, Tromba Tequila, Highland Park, Macallan Whisky, Glenrothes Whisky, Arette Tequila, Boutique-y Whisky Company, Compass Box Whisky, The Whisky Company, Arran Whisky, The Gospel Whisky, Memo Gin, SouthTrade, Jasmine Cadenhead, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses Bourbon, Penfolds Wines, Australian Embassy of Mexico, Colibri Boutique Hotels, Macquarie Bank, BHP, La Tortilleria, Merry People Boots, St Regis Hotels, numerous corporate sponsors, Many more of Mexico's Best Restaurants (Pujol, Maximo Bistro, Magno, Rosetta - see the pic below) and so many more people and businesses... 



All of this called the “In the Spirit” international fundraiser series raising over $100,000 for Wildlife Victoria consisting of events in Scotland, USA, Mexico and Australia. 


Check out the images from two of the events (Melbourne and Mexico City) below plus an excerpt from the speech Denver made at the Mexico event. Above all from D&L...Thankyou. 



“I grew up in a regular suburb of Melbourne, went to a regular school, and did regular things. The magical thing is it was supported by an immigrant family, with colourful friends in a spectacularly vibrant and varied country. My home. Australia.


We’d go on road trips through national parks, go on adventures on our mountain bikes and all the while not knowing that we’d been born into a natural paradise surrounded by strange wonderful beasts. 

Imagine a duck had sex with an otter. We call that a platypus.

Picture this. A giant overgrown rat that’s taller than you and can knock you out. We call that a Kangaroo. 

Or a bear that’s not even a bear that nearly all have chlamydia and loves to sleep during the day and the night. That’s my ex girlfriend. Sorry I mean a Koala. 

As the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’ and NYE this year was one of those times. The unimaginable. 


A perfect storm of conditions led to the largest bush fires in Australian in recorded history. The Amazon fires x5, the California fires x6. A scale of epic proportions. There was so much devastation that New Zealand was in darkness in the middle of the day from the smoke, the largest peacetime military civilian evacuation of entire trapped coastal towns from fire surrounded beaches and not to mention our animals. Entire populations of these wonderful creatures were simply wiped out, rare species Just gone and on the fringes, 1,000,000’s of injured animals with an estimated 1 billion killed across half of the largest island on our earth. 


It’s hard to imagine that those koalas we’d see in trees from the car as kids or the kangaroo’s that would share the mountain bike trail with us would ever need my help. Our help. 


As the smartest most capable species on this planet, we are the custodians of the land and it’s creatures. These are not just Australia's animals but they are all of ours. We owe it to them and future generations to do something about it and tonight we are.” D&L


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