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COVID 19 or Sars-COV-2 - Whatever you want to call it there's never been a time like it. We’re all in a spin and not the Tony Hawk or James Brown type although we wish we were. There are huge changes to how we all interact with each other. So what does that mean for our community, what's this all about and what can we do?



1. Stay away hombre. Social Distancing works. There has been a multitude of studies proving this so just accept it. If you don’t, you risk fines now in many jurisdictions and you’re simply risking the health of the rest of us. So screw your dog walkers cousins party, Billy’s D grade basketball game and happy hour at your neighborhood’s second best wine bar. We’ve all got to stay the fuck at home. 

Watch this video to understand why.

And for a deeper dive into how they know social distancing works, click this video...

2. Check the source of what you’re forwarding on social media. There’s so much bullshit circulating, it simply boggles the mind. We all don’t need misinformation or hocus pocus getting public air, especially for those who take it seriously. Try to be the one who ends the chain and only distribute information from credible sources like government health departments and the World Health Organisation (WHO)


3. Order in - It’s a thing. We’ve all got the internet now so why not use it for something other than Porn Hub and Netflix. There are a billion options out there for ordering food for home. UberEats, Caviar, Deliveroo, Rappi plus you've got the opportunity to…

4. Support local - Our Hospitality industry (and lots of others) are suffering worldwide. There are so many great people who have lost work basically overnight. We can support them by really thinking about how we spend our dollars using these points. 

  1. - Try buy what you need from your local shop. Sure it might be a couple of bucks more but that may also keep that shop open and help the people connected weather the storm.
  2. - Make informed decisions on if you cancel that booking or delay it. 
  3. - Engage with restaurants and bars online. Many of them have great initiatives going like super cool at home cocktail classes or instagram live whisky tastings. 
  4. - Why not finally get round to writing stellar reviews for the restaurants and bars you like? 
  5. - Get closer to your usual hangouts by signing up to their newsletter and/or Instagram. You'll be the first in the know to get back in there and maybe even get a special or two.


5. Those fancy recipe books are for something. And YouTube. You’ve got the time now. Online supermarket or local shop home delivery is really simple. So many recipes are super bloody easy so stop being lazy, pull your finger out and smash out a some fried rice or even a pasta sauce. Here’s a very Aussie one we prepared earlier. Note: Might not want to watch this one around the kids or your grandmother. 

6. There is no cure right now. Anyone who tells you this, forwards you a product or an advertisement that says it is so….IT AIN’T SO. A vaccine and/or treatment takes a long time to make and then trial. The usual stages include sequencing, design, animal trials, human trials. Conservative estimates on vaccines for this virus predict 12-18 months. There are many smart groups working on this around the world and we’re sure they’ll get there but there are no shortcuts. 

Check out this article from the Guardian in the UK

7. It’s not an excuse to be Racist. Or otherwise known as Xenophobia. Yes, Chinese food is safe to eat. No, Asian people aren’t more likely to have the virus than yourself. Idiot. It seems when there’s an epidemic or pandemic, that certain groups of the population that fit the visual stereotype of the source country, seem to experience this madness. Grow up. Get informed. Focus on the right thing. 

Here’s an excerpt from an insightful article on the subject in legendary publication, The Atlantic.

“As the corona virus spreads, the xenophobia it foments quickly intertwines with the political conditions in the countries it touches, coloring the responses of populations and their governments. Right-wing parties in Europe, for example, have latched onto the outbreak to reiterate their calls for tougher immigration restrictions—Italy’s far-right leader Matteo Salvini was among the first to exploit the virus for his own kind of pandemic populism, erroneously linking the outbreak to African asylum seekers and urging border closures. Similar calls to suspend Europe’s open-border system, known as the Schengen Area, have been made by far-right politicians in Germany, France, and Spain. In the U.S., President Donald Trump pointed to the outbreak as further reason to construct a wall at the Mexico border.”

View the full article here

8. No (wo)man is an Island - we need connection. Human interaction. Without doesn’t just lead to loneliness but actual physical changes to the body and most aptly right now. So finally you have the chance to host your own happy hour without clean up, your own night club and be the DJ, have weekday, middle of the day drinks with friends with no pants. The possibilities are endless. Jump on programs like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video etc and get your dose of 'other' people love (and judgement).  


9. Look after the elderly. They looked after you. Statistically the virus kills far more of the elderly than the young. This is for various reasons but the leading being complications from other illnesses or conditions and immune deficiency from multiple sources. Basically the damage is greater and the less exposure, the better likelihood of dodging a fatal result. Why not, go get their groceries for them whilst you’re out getting yours? Set them up with Skype and dial in once in a while for a cyber cup of tea and a 10 minute catchup? Workout with them online or in person? Remember you’ll be one one day.




10. Be a thug - Ever wanted to be like Tu-pac, an NBA basketball player or Gandhi? Finally here’s your chance. Handshakes are now so 1990’s (and 80’s and 70’s and 60’s ….) so why not be #COVIDHip yáll and try some of these out when you see your friends again in 6 months. 

Elbow Drop







A bit more info on how to be #COVIDhip?



This was our summary on the world around us in the times of COVID 19. We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to having a whisky with yáll online soon. Be safe. Wash your hands. Clock Netflix. 



PS: Here's a wee bonus super useful chart from the CDC and WHO to inform yourself on what the actual symptoms are. As always, we recommend that you contact your nearest medical practitioner if you have concerns. 


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