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  • 4 things to do with Dad that are not lunch

    Culture June 11, 2019 By Denver Cramer

It's Fathers Day again (USA) - still applies to the other countries as isn't it Father's day every day (well, PC people say that every fathers day but never follow through)? Haha. Here are few of our slightly cooler D&L approved suggestions for making your Dad feel like a million bucks and you actually get to enjoy it too.  

1. Go quad biking. Quad biking is serious fun. Get dirty, rip up some trails, find some incredible views and finish the day with some solid pub grub. Everyone's a winner.



2. Be cultured. Go and see some weird and wonderful exhibition but swing by a deli and pick up a truckload of good cheese. Yup cheese. Cheese is also culture, let's not forget and if the only culture you get out of the day is cheese with your Dad in tow then guaranteed, dairy filled, smiles all round. 


3. Make burgers. Have you ever had truly epic homemade burgers? Your favorite buns from that gourmet bakery, highest quality mince with a few killer additions to the pattie - parmesan, chives, a little habanero, whatever, tomatoes, onions and lettuce from that fancy organic shop, topped off with one fine bourbon sauce paired with a killer bourbon. Yup one of those unopened ones from the top shelf. If not for your Dad then who?


4. Take him to a whiskey tasting. Get drunk on the good stuff with your dad. You wouldn't be subscribed to this newsletter if you weren't slightly in love with liquids of the alcoholic variety. Take Dad to a whiskey tasting and if you're really hardcore, take your own glasses (you know which ones ;). Dad's gonna love you forever. Well, as if he didn't before but let's roll with the last line. 



That's it! Master Father's Day this year. He deserves it. Happy Fathers Day from us at Denver and Liely. 



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