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  • Down in Mexico.
    The Agave glass.

    Product Story October 18, 2019 By Denver Cramer

The nowhere-based (well kinda Auckland and Mexico City for now) duo Denver & Liely are back with the results of their longest-running research, design and development project in the company's history. 2 years on the ground aiming to understand the wild beast that is agave.


Intertwined into the social fabric of the main areas for each spirit; Tequila - Jalisco, Mezcal - Oaxaca, these spirits are more than the sum of their parts. Think about this. The main natural ingredients that go into whisky or wine have 1 year terrior. Some of these spirits have 30+ years of terrior before they head to processing and distillation. Combine this with the ultra-rich and deep cultural and gastronomical fabric of Mexico and you’ll get a sliver of the depths they went to to understand Agave spirits. Check out the video at the end!


Applying all D&L’s technical knowledge about taste, smell, product design and manufacture mixed with a heavy dose of mexican history (note the cross in the bottom as a nod to the glass Veladora traditionally taken from the church as candles to drink mezcal) and distillation research. Numerous prototypes, hundreds of hours and millions of tacos later, we came to our happy place. The Agave glass. We did the work so you don’t have to.


So how does it work? The glass has a very unique shape unlike any in the range. We don’t have a signature style but rather create the best glass for the spirit. This Agave glass provides the best, most accurate, enhanced taste and smell profile for any type of Mezcal or Tequila. Basically the glass makes any agave spirit taste and smell the best it can be through a bit of scientific trickery. 


The result is a cornucopia (always wanted to use that word) of mouth watering flavour, tuned aroma and taste experience achieved through shape manipulation, engineered airflow and distillation rectification. The end aim is for the glass to provide a smoother, more attractive experience to the novice and expert level drinker alike. Agave spirits now have glass that is finally worthy of the complexity and rich culture the liquid contains. Let’s go down to Mexico. 

Check out the Agave Glass product page here.  






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