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  • Bourbon. Better. Bolder.

    Product Story September 01, 2018 By Denver Cramer

Bourbon is back! Get on it. We at Denver & Liely are super amped to
announce the release of the Bourbon Glass.

It’s finally time to focus on whiskey’s lesser celebrated, southern
American cousin - Bourbon. Little do people know that without
bourbon there wouldn’t be the thriving whisky industry we see today.
Why? Bourbon, by law, must use new charred American oak barrels,
and only once. This legal condition in combination with a majority
of corn in the mash build recipe (minimum of 51%) lead to a very
specific taste and smell - sweet, rich and ballsy. To this effect how
could we ignore Bourbon? We couldn’t.


We packed our bags, rented a Challenger and went
to Kentucky and Tennessee to find out more. On the menu was
Willett, Green Briar, Michters, Green Brier, Four Roses, Stitzel-Weller, Heaven Hill, Angels Envy, Woodford Reserve and the small boutique distiller, Jim Beam.
In addition they observed how and when Bourbon was drunk in its
‘spiritual’ home.


Taking what we learnt from the locals, distillers, bartenders and
Bourbon enthusiasts (code name: the Bourbon gods) the Bourbon
glass was born. An altogether smoother, bolder experience. With ice.
So how does it work? Using what we had learnt from barley based
whisky, combined with a new requirement list from the Bourbon
gods, the glass has very specific opening dimensions to spirit
surface distance ratio. Sounds confusing but we’re drinks geeks so
you don’t have to be.


The result is a measured mouth watering journey of flavour, aroma
and perfect palette delivery achieved through shape manipulation,
tuned airflow and temperature control through hand heat isolation.
This new Bourbon Glass also highlights a specific band in the flavour
profile delivering exactly the smell and taste the Bourbon gods
demanded. You won’t believe til you try it. Giddy up.

Shop the Bourbon glass here.

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